WordPress SVN upgrade

Update: no need for this plugin anymore, the new WordPress handles updates on his own :( .

Usually when the new version of WordPress is out, you have to download the latest zip (or tar.gz), unpack it, upload everything, and run upgrade. You can help yourself with uploading the zip file to the server and unpack it there, but you have to have shell account and know a bit of console commands.

There is another way of upgrading to the latest version, and that involves usage of Subversion. This gets the latest of files but you still need the console. The command is:

svn co http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/trunk/

So, to help with the upgrading process, I’ve developed the SVN upgrade plug-in. It uses the phpSVNclient and some other classes by Cesar, who posted it on PHP Classes. I took it and made the plug-in firstly for my CMS, and it works great. Than I saw that the WordPress can be obtained via Subversion, so I decided to make svn upgrade available to all.

SVN upgrade uses database (wp_svn table) in which it stores the latest repository revision. If a new revision is out, you can do the upgrade, otherwise it will tell you that it is on the latest version.

Oh, and I have just tested it, again. 8061 is out! Bleeding edge! wp-login.php just got debugged, or something, and i have it! With just one click! Great!

Anyway, the plug-in can be downloaded here: SVN upgrade plug-in

Installation is easy as always:

  1. Unpack and upload to wp-content/plugins
  2. Install via admin console (plugins page)
  3. If necessary update the repository in settings section
  4. Go to the SVN upgrade page (link in main menu) and click SVN upgrade

That’s it. Happy upgrading!


4 Replies to “WordPress SVN upgrade”

  1. Great idea but in fact, this could completely screw your blog, isn’t it ?
    Maybe for curious people with private blog, but not very recommended for blog “in production”, don’t you think ?
    Anyway, I will probably test this plugin on a test blog, to see the next SVN WP in action :-D

  2. Test it, by all means! For production? Well, bleeding edge was never for production. If you are up for it, upgrade, update, install a million of plugins, something can go wrong, but you can use this plugin to upgrade to the latest stable release also! As of this writing, I’m at the 8068 version. And i have set up this “blog” so i can test my plugin. I did 68 updates, and everything went well.

    I do concur with you on the fact that you can screw your WP with this. If there is a new commit to the svn with buggy files, and you download them, well, you just bugged your wp :). But the writing of files can go wrong also. Therefore I strongly suggest you backup your entire wordpress before using this.

    Let me know how the testing went!

  3. Ok, just had my wordpress totaly destroyed. They merged a branch with a trunk, and bust :)

    Looks like more debugging is in order.

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