I got the (mt) hosting

I’ve seen a lot of hosting servers. Really a lot, I’m a developer. 99% of the time, they had cpanel, 99% of the time, one couldn’t optimize and setup his hosting place to meet his needs. That’s not because of the cpanel, of course, but because of the hosting company. My appetite for features and freedom of configuration got bigger over the years, so I got myself the  (gs) Grid-service hosting plan on Mediatemple. Upon sighting the /etc directory in my root, I got excited.

The account center is pretty clean an intuitive, although it took me a while make it feel at home after cpanel’s interface. Adding domains and sub-domains is easy, good thing is that the wild card domains are set up by default. PHP4 is turned on by default, one has to switch to PHP5 if he wants to – weird decision by mediatemple guys, but nothing to be alarmed by. You can set users for your whole grid service or only one domain, and ftp and ssh permissions are allowed per user. So, if you are reselling your (gs), your clients can have their email and ftp accounts separately, not knowing of the other sites you host. Nicely done, but I would opt for the (dv) Dedicated Virtual if you are serious about reselling.

I’ve setup my environment the way i want it and got subversion up and running. Setting the svn up is really easy and i encourage everyone to use it if they can. Saves the trouble of uploading over FTP and you always have the undo option at your fingertips. The server has ImageMagick installed, but sadly no ffmpeg or flvtool. Well, they have to justify buying the (dv) plan.

I still am not running any high traffic sites, so can’t comment on the GPU usage, but after setting up my HomeBudget, blog and some other sites, I’ve spent 1 GPU. With 1000 GPU per month, i would conclude that it should be enough. I did a google search about mediatemples GPU usage, and some guys report they are burning 1000+ on their blogs (with claims of over 2000 page hits). Just to be safe, I’ll monitor my usage from time to time.

Anyway, this ffmpeg got me a bit upset, so I’m asking: what would you like to have on your hosting preinstalled? We’re talking about shared hosting.

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